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Pioneer Methodist ministers hold camp meeting on Caney Creek


On this day in 1834, three pioneer Methodist ministers, Peter Hunter Fullinwider, John Wesley Kenney and Henry Stephenson, held a camp meeting on Caney Creek near the site of present Kenney. In spite of the Mexican government's prohibitions against Protestant worship, Methodists had been active in Texas since William Stevenson, a member of the Tennessee Conference, preached at Pecan Point in what is now Red River County during an exploratory journey in the fall of 1815. When Claiborne Wright's family moved to Pecan Point in 1816, they became the earliest Methodist family known in Texas. Fullinwider, considered by many to be the first Presbyterian missionary in Texas, made a missionary tour through East and South Texas in 1831. He distributed Bibles and other religious books and preached as he journeyed. In September 1835 Fullinwider and the Cumberland Presbyterian Sumner Bacon assisted Kenney and Stephenson in another Caney Creek camp.

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