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Presidents of U.S. and Mexico dedicate International Falcon Reservoir


On this day in 1953, presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower of the United States and Adolfo Ruiz Cortines of Mexico dedicated International Falcon Reservoir. The huge lake is bounded by Starr and Zapata counties, Texas, and the county and city of Nuevo Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The dam and reservoir provide for water conservation, flood control, hydroelectric energy, and recreation. The project is owned, authorized, and operated by both nations through the International Boundary and Water Commission. The project is named for the town of Falcon, which was relocated to the Starr-Zapata county line upon completion of Falcon Dam in 1952. Falcon State Park, on the reservoir's southeastern shore, opened to the public in 1965. The area of the lake varies from 87,000 acres at elevation 301.2 feet to 115,400 acres at the maximum elevation of 314.2 feet. The reservoir has a summer storage capacity of 2,371,220 acre-feet.

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