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Sculptor Elisabet Ney dies


On this day in 1907, sculptor Elisabet Ney died in Austin. Franzisca Bernadina Wilhelmina Elisabeth Ney was born in Münster, Westphalia, in 1833. She and her husband, Edmund D. Montgomery, moved to Texas in 1872 and purchased Liendo Plantation in Waller County. After visiting Austin in the 1880s, Ney decided to resume her artistic career. She built a studio (now the Elisabet Ney Museum) in the Hyde Park area of Austin in 1892 and began lobbying notable citizens and the state legislature for commissions. During the next fifteen years she completed a number of portrait busts as well as statues of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston, now in the state Capitol, and a memorial to Albert Sidney Johnston, in the State Cemetery. Copies of the Austin and Houston statues are also in the United States Capitol. In addition to her sculpting, Ney took an active role in artistic and civic activities in Austin. Four years after her death a number of her supporters founded the Texas Fine Arts Association in her honor.

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