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Joiner becomes "Dad" of East Texas Oilfield


On this day in 1930, Columbus Marion "Dad" Joiner brought in the famous Daisy Bradford No. 3, thus opening up the East Texas Oilfield, the largest in the world up to that time. Joiner, an Alabama native, had moved in 1897 to Oklahoma, where he made and lost two fortunes in oil before moving to Texas in 1926. Despite the contrary opinion of geologists, Joiner was convinced of the possibility of oil deposits in Rusk County. In 1930 he drilled eight miles east of Henderson, using a flimsy pine rig and battered tools. His first two unsuccessful efforts drove him and his associates further into debt, but the third well, Daisy Bradford No. 3, changed everything. Joiner's nickname came from the fact that he was "father" of the rich East Texas field. But his prosperity faded as he became involved in several lawsuits and lost his wealth. He died in 1947.

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