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Racial disturbance rocks Longview


On this day in 1919, the Longview Race Riot broke out. It was the second of twenty-five racial disturbances across America during what came to be known as the Red Summer. Riots occurred in Chicago, Houston, Little Rock, Washington, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans, and other cities. The Longview riot began with a July 10, 1919, article in the Chicago Defender, a sensationalistic nationwide black newspaper, that described the murder of a black resident of Longview. A series of incidents that began the following day led to injuries among both whites and blacks and the destruction of a number of blacks' homes. Governor William Hobby ordered Texas Rangers and National Guard troops to the scene and declared martial law. Twenty-one black men and nine white men were arrested. Nobody was ever tried. Tension subsided by the following week, and the governor lifted martial law at noon on July 18.

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