Catarino and Evangelina Hernández Research Fellowship in Latino History

2019 Miguel Hernandez
2018 Sandra I. Enriquez
2017 Valerie A. Martinez
2016 Tiffany J. Gonzalez
2015 Arturo Desantiago
2014 David J. Cameron
2013 Monica Muñoz Martínez
2012 Alexander Mendoza
2011 Cassandra Rincones

Special Award for Research and Writing on Texas in World War I

2018 Jeffrey L. Littlejohn with Charles Ford, Jami Horne, and Briana Weaver

Kate Broocks Bates Award for Historical Research

2015 Lawrence T. Jones III Lens on the Texas Frontier
2012 Richard B. McCaslin Fighting Stock: John S. "Rip" Ford
2011 No Award
2008 Pekka Hämäläinen The Comanche Empire
2007 Donald E. Reynolds Texas Terror
2006 Stephen A. Townsend The Yankee Invasion of Texas
2002 Robert Maberry Jr. Texas Flags
1996 Jack Jackson Flags Along the Coast
1993 Donald E. Chipman Spanish Texas
1989 Andreas V. Reichstein Rise of the Lone Star: The Making of Texas

Mary M. Hughes Research Fellowship in Texas History

2019 Andrew Baker
2018 Katherine Bynum
2017 Joel Zapata
2016 Tiffany J. Gonzalez
2015 Sarah Stanford McIntyre
2014 Thomas Kreneck
2013 Miguel A. Levario
2012 Ava Purkiss
2011 Thomas E. Alter
2010 Michael Botson
2009 Kevin Brady
2008 Gregg Andrews
2007 Heather Green Wooten
2006 Roberto Treviño
2005 George N. Green
2004 Bernadette Pruitt
2003 Jeri L. Reed
2002 Gregg Andrews
2001 Kathleen Lytle Hernandez
2000 Thomas Clarkin

John H. Jenkins Research Fellowship in Texas History

2019 Maria Ester Hammack
2018 Sandra I. Enriquez
2017 Valerie A. Martinez
2016 David Ponton III
2015 Jessica Brannon-Wranosky
2014 Brandon Aniol
2013 Gerald Saxon
2012 Allison Schottenstein
2011 David Rex Galindo
2010 Elizabeth Hayes Turner
2009 Joseph Abel
2008 James Nichols
2007 Mark Allen Goldberg
2006 John Weber
2005 Carl H. Moneyhon
2004 Debbie Cunningham
2003 Patrick J. Kelly
2002 Richard H. Ribb
2001 Daniel E. Walker
2000 Patrick L. Cox
1999 David C. Humphrey
1998 Suzanne L. Sommers
1997 Patrick L. Cox
1996 Laura Lyons McLemore
1995 Linda S. Hudson

Mary Jon and J. P. Bryan Leadership in Education Award

2018 Allen Hamilton and Daniel Perguini
2017 Jerry Thompson & Mike Bailey
2016 Dan K. Utley & Justin Felux
2015 Andrew Yox & James Philips
2014 Jessica Janota
2013 Dr. Mary Scheer & Patricia Ritchie
2012 Garna Christian
2011 Susan Locklear
2010 Randolph B. Campbell
2009 Jeffrey Kyle Jones
2008 Tim Draves
2007 Donna Jenkins
2006 Donna Britt
2005 Sandra Neal
2004 Archie McDonald & Brenda Beaven
2003 Danny Corbett
2002 Caroline Crimm & Eddie Weller
2001 Jo Ann Stiles
2000 Bea Svambera
1999 Debra Brown
1998 John C. Britt
1997 Jeanette Aultman
1996 Diana Lynn Severance
1995 Elizabeth Battle
1994 Oliver Franklin
1993 Rosemary Morrow & Brian Shenk
1992 Michael Moore
1991 Stewart Caffey
1990 Joe Ramirez
1989 Bonnie Truax
1988 Sally Robeau
1987 Anna Shepeard
1986 Sheridan Nichols
1985 David Robertson
1984 Lincoln King
1983 Lee Bennett
1982 Willie Lee Gay
1981 No Award
1980 Ernest Wallace
1980 Julia Kathryn Garrett
1979 Ralph W. Steen
1978 Price Daniel, Sr.
1977 Robert H. Thonhoff
1976 Rupert N. Richardson

Lawrence T. Jones III Research Fellowship in Civil War Texas History

2019 Deborah Liles
2018 No Award
2017 Michael Frawley
2016 Amanda Kleintop
2015 Evan Rothera
2014 Matthew Stith
2013 Drew Gruber
2012 Curtis Milbourn
2011 No Award
2010 Susannah J. Ural
2009 Nancy Draves
2008 Julia Brookins
2007 No Award
2006 Richard B. McCaslin
2005 Charles D. Grear
2004 No Award
2003 Victoria Bynum
2002 No Award
2001 Karen V. Gerhardt

Liz Carpenter Award for Best Book on the History of Women

2019 Angela Boswell and Gabriela Gonzalez View links to books
2018 No Award
2015 Elizabeth Hayes Turner, Stephanie Cole, and Rebecca Sharpless Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives
2014 Sonia Hernández Working Women into the Borderlands
2013 Bruce A. Glasrud and Merline Pitre, eds. Southern Black Women in the Modern Civil Rights Movement
2012 Mary L. Scheer, ed. Women and the Texas Revolution
2011 No Award
2010 Judith N. McArthur & Harold L. Smith Texas Through Women's Eyes: The Twentieth Century Experience
2009 Light T. Cummins Emily Austin of Texas 1795-1851
2008 Bruce A. Glasrud and Merline Pitre, eds. Black Women in Texas History
2006 Sara R. Massey, ed. Texas Women on the Cattle Trails
2003 Judith N. McArthur and Harold L. Smith Minnie Fisher Cunningham: A Suffragist's Life in Politics
2000 Ruthe Winegarten and Nancy Baker Jones Capitol Women: Texas Female Legislators, 1923-1999
1997 Raye Virginia Allen Gordon Conway: Fashioning a New Woman
1994 Sue Tolleson-Rhinehart and Jeanie R. Stanley Claytie and The Lady: Ann Richards, Gender, and Politics in Texas

H. Bailey Carroll Award for Best Article in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly

2012 Shennette Garrett-Scott
2011 Harold L. Smith
2010 F. Todd Smith
2009 Christopher Bean
2008 James E. Ivey
2007 Brian D. Behnken
2006 Larry P. Knight
2005 Mary Jo O'Rear
2004 Gregg Cantrell
2003 Kenneth Hafertepe
2002 William S. Osborn
2001 Jean Stuntz
2000 Gregg Cantrell
1999 Nicholas Sarantakes
1998 Paul A. Levengood
1997 L. Patrick Hughes
1996 Vicki Howard
1995 Gregg Cantrell
1994 Fred Bailey
1993 James E. Crisp
1992 Ronald E. Marcello
1991 Harry Hewitt
1990 H. Allen Anderson
1989 Randolph B. Campbell
1988 Carole E. Christian
1987 Susan Schoelwer
1986 Nettie Lee Benson
1985 Paul Lack
1983 Walter L. Buenger Jr.
1982 David Humphrey
1981 Willard B. Robinson
1980 Evan Anders
1979 Charles Harris III & Louis R. Sadler
1978 C. Alan Hutchinson
1977 James R. Green
1976 Terry G. Jordan
1975 David Pletcher
1974 D. Clayton Brown
1973 Ron Tyler
1972 Nancy N. Barker
1971 David Vigness
1970 Llerena Friend
1969 Randolph Campbell
1968 Dale Somers
1967 Claude H. Hall
1966 Roy Sylvan Dunn

Al Lowman Memorial Prize

2018 Anthony R. Carrozza The Dukes of Duval County
2014 Ignacio M. García When Mexicans Could Play Ball

Cecilia Steinfeldt Fellowship for Research in the Arts and Material Culture

2019 Whitney Stewart
2018 Joseph H. Larnerd
2017 No Award
2016 Aaron Cayer
2015 Craig Bunch
2014 Charles Lawry
2013 Jodi Skipper
2012 Noel Harris Freeze
2011 L. Tylene Levesque
2010 Mary G. Saltarelli
2009 Susan Allen Kline
2008 Paula Lupkin
2007 Chris Meister
2006 Kenneth Hafertepe
2005 Cynthia Brandimarte
2004 Kenneth Hafertepe
2003 No Award
2002 Diane E. Williams
2001 Kristin Dutcher Mann
2000 John and Cheryl Ferguson
1999 No Award
1998 Martha Utterback

Coral Horton Tullis Memorial Prize for Best Book on Texas History

2014 Jason Mellard Progressive Country
2007 Jane C. Monday and Frances B. Vick Petra's Legacy
2002 James L. Haley Sam Houston
1984 Marilyn M. Sibley Lone Stars and State Gazettes
1983 Elizabeth Silverthorne Ashbel Smith of Texas
1982 James M. Smallwood Time of Hope, Time of Despair
1978 Eldon Stephen Branda, editor The Handbook of Texas
1975 Malcolm D. McLean, ed. Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas
1971 Winedale Project Winedale Project
1970 David G. McComb Houston: The Bayou City
1969 Albany, Texas The Fort Griffin Fandangle
1968 Chester V. Kielman and Staff The Bexar Archives Microfilm Project

Ellen Clarke Temple Research Fellowship in Texas Women’s History

2019 Leah LaGrone Ochoa
2018 Tiffany Jasmin González
2017 Valerie A. Martinez

Ron Tyler Award for Best Illustrated Book on Texas History and Culture

2017 Kenneth Hafertepe The Material Culture of German Texans
2015 Lawrence T. Jones III Lens on the Texas Frontier
2011 Stephen Bogener and William Tydeman Llano Estacado: An Island in the Sky
2007 Stephen Fox and Richard Cheek Country Houses of John F. Staub

Texas State Library and Archives Commission Research Fellowship in Texas History

2019 Maggie Elmore and Deborah Liles
2018 Edward Valentin Jr. (Partial Award)
2018 William S. Bush (Full Award)

Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred Research Fellowship in Texas History

2008 Michael Kelley
2006 Andrew Torget
2000 Mark W. Lambert and Ed Bradley (2 awards)

Fred White Jr. Research Fellowship in Texas History

2010 Bernadette Pruitt
2009 Cynthia Buchanan
2008 Tim Draves
2007 Elizabeth Hayes Turner
2006 Mary L. Kelley
2005 Harriet Denise Joseph
2004 Elizabeth Snapp
2003 L. Patrick Hughes
2002 Jody Edward Ginn
2001 Jody Edward Ginn
2000 Kelly McMichael Stott
1999 Ruthe Winegarten and Yolanda Chavez
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