From the bylaws of the Texas State Historical Association:

A person of any classification of membership who has demonstrated through distinguished published works, or other exemplary scholarly activity,a special aptitude for historical investigation relating to the state of Texas maybe elected by the Board of Directors a “Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association.” Their election shall be announced at the first annual meeting of the Association after their election. In any given year the number of Fellows elected, if any, shall be within the sole discretion of the Board of Directors; however, at no time shall there be more than three persons elected as Fellows of the Association each year.

Name Year Elected
Francis Edward Abernethy 2002
Félix D. Almaráz Jr. 1986
T. Lindsay Baker 1987
J'Nell Barnes 1994
C. Alwyn Barr 1971
Adán Benavides Jr. 1994
Carlos Blanton 2017
Donaly E. Brice 2010
J.P. Bryan 2012
Walter L. Buenger 2000
Randolph B. "Mike" Campbell 1985
Gregg Cantrell 2008
Don E. Carleton 1991
Paul H. Carlson 1992
Robert "Ty" Cashion 2013
Donald E. Chipman 1994
Garna Christian 2004
Michael L. Collins 2005
Patrick L. Cox 2009
Ana Carolina Castillo Crimm 2005
James E. Crisp 2010
Gilbert R. Cruz 2000
Light T. Cummins 1993
Joseph G. Dawson III 2013
Jesús "Frank" de la Teja 2001
Arnoldo De León 1987
L. Tuffly Ellis 1989
Glen Sample Ely 2018
Odie B. Faulk 1965
Dan L. Flores 1990
Donald Frazier 2014
Bruce A. Glasrud 2008
Lewis L.  Gould 1991
David B. Gracy II 1992
Don Graham 1989
George N. Green 1989
Kenneth Hafertepe 2018
James Haley 2007
Stephen L. Hardin 2009
Sam W. Haynes 2017
Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr. 2002
Diana Davids Hinton 1992
Elizabeth A.H. John 1978
Nancy Baker Jones 2017
Harriett Denise Joseph 2019
Thomas Heard Kreneck 2006
Paul D. Lack 1994
Richard G. Lowe 2011
Paula Mitchell Marks 1993
Judith McArthur 2016
Richard B. McCaslin 2006
David G. McComb 1988
Carl H. Moneyhon 2000
David J. Murrah 1996
Stephen B. Oates 1968
Roger M. Olien 1989
Cynthia Orozco 2012
Merline Pitre 2009
B. Byron Price 2011
Andrés Reséndez 2020
Joyce Gibson Roach 1997
Guadalupe San Miguel 2018
Rebecca Sharpless 2016
Stanley Siegel 1987
Elizabeth Silverthorne 1997
F. Todd Smith 2006
Thomas T. Smith 2003
Lonn Taylor 2007
Jerry D. Thompson 1992
Robert H. Thonhoff 1980
Andrés Tijerina 1997
Elizabeth Hayes Turner 2011
Ron Tyler 1977
Dan K. Utley 2008
Robert M. Utley 2016
Frances B. Vick 2012
John Wheat 2005
Cary D. Wintz 2014
Robert A. Wooster 2002
Emilio Zamora 2010