This month, TSHA invites you to explore the American Civil War with us and learn about Texas during this fascinating period of history. For instance, did you know the last battle of the Civil War was fought in Texas more than a month after Robert E. Lee had surrendered? Did you also know that the Confederate Army actually won that battle? Seekers of knowledge and history enthusiasts can dive into the Civil War and its impact on Texas through an array of scholarly programming such as:

Handbook of Civil War Texas -- Given the importance of the Civil War in shaping Texas's past, it is not surprising that the original Handbook of Texas and its subsequent volumes contained numerous entries on the soldiers and military units from the state and the major battles in which they fought. These scattered entries, along with hundreds of new articles, finally found a home in 2011 with the publication of the Handbook of Civil War Texas.

Texas Talks -- Participants can probe leading history scholars in this interactive webinar series in order to gain a deeper understanding of our past. Texas Talks covers a wide range of subjects, like the history of Fort McKavett and its function during the Civil War to the peculiar stories of postbellum pension-seekers.

Texas Almanac -- The Almanac is a compendium of up-to-date information about Texas on a variety of subjects, published biennially. Whether in the classroom or out of curiosity, readers can enlighten themselves with concise entries on forts, soldiers, or family life during the Civil War.

Southwestern Historical Quarterly -- Continuously published since our founding in 1897, the Quarterly has become the chief source of scholarly information on the history of Texas and the Southwest. Peruse this journal to learn about the surprising economic development of Houston during the Civil War or the suppression of Unionist sentiment in North Texas among wheat farmers.

Touchstone -- Touchstone is the undergraduate journal of the Walter Prescott Webb Society, the college-level educational program of TSHA. From tensions surrounding the secession of Texas to the textile development of Confederate uniforms, we are proud to exhibit the work of our emerging young history scholars.