September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, a time when people across the nation recognize the cultural accomplishments of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Texas would hardly be the state that it is today without the impact and influence of many significant Tejanos, and we at TSHA strive to honor that history through our publications and programs.

This month, TSHA is re-releasing the e-Book, Tejanos Through Time, a curated selection of entries from the larger Handbook of Tejano History. In it, readers can discover the accomplishments of several notable Tejanos who helped shape the Lone Star State, such as Petra Vela de Vidal Kenedy, the instrumental rancher and philanthropist of the nineteenth century who figured prominently in the development of the cattle industry in the Texas-Mexico region.

Under the direction of History professors Emilio Zamora, University of Texas, and Andrés Tijerina, Austin Community College, TSHA embarked on a mission to increase the number of Tejano and Mexican American entries in the Handbook of Texas. Two years and 1,200 entries later, the Handbook of Tejano History launched on March 29, 2016, on the fourth anniversary of the Tejano Monument's unveiling on the Texas State Capitol lawn.

It is through the support of Texas history lovers like you that projects like these are possible. As research on Mexican American history expands, your donation enables TSHA to better illuminate the history of Tejanos and Mexican Americans through our programs and publications.