With the help of UNT Libraries, TSHA digitized all past editions of the Texas Almanac in the Portal to Texas History for all to access. Additionally, users who wander to the Texas Almanac website can enjoy the vast amount of information available from the Almanac’s long history, whether for work, school, or personal enlightenment.

The Texas Almanac 2018-2019 will be released this November, and pre-orders for the Almanac are underway through October 15th. This year’s Almanac, the 69th edition in its 160-year history, will include updated information on the important topics you have come to expect from the reference, such as election information, weather and astronomical calendars, and demographic data.

Additionally, the 2018-2019 edition carries in-depth feature articles on the state of water in Texas, the popularity of hunting in Texas, and fish and game recipes from Dotty Griffith.

The Texas Almanac is a beloved reference guide used by many. You can ensure that the Almanac will continue to be a valuable resource for many years to come by donating today.