As excited as we are about the future, we are just as proud of our past. TSHA began as a small collection of history enthusiasts, both academic and nonacademic, which provided a passionate blend of membership that has been preserved until today. On February 13, 1897, they convened by the light of two lanterns, since their electrical lighting system at the time failed. In a decision befitting their purpose, this group dedicated to the past persevered and relied on old technology to illuminate the path ahead of them. The lantern has served as a symbol of TSHA ever since.

Today, our numbers and efforts have grown. TSHA’s Digital Initiatives, like Texas Talks, are accessed by over 400,000 visitors every month from around the globe, while our student education programs, like Texas History Day and the Junior Historians of Texas, impact more than 70,000 students annually., one of our online resources for educators, provides teachers with more than 500 lesson plans, 2,000 primary and secondary sources, and 200 books to meet their Texas history needs in the classroom.

We are also known for our publications, such as the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, the Texas Almanac, The Handbook of Texas, along with selections from our award-winning TSHA Press. We strive to maintain these exemplary publications and programs while exploring new opportunities, and your support ensures our success.