George P. Garrison, the first Director of the Texas State Historical Association, wrote this in the very first issue of the Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, published in July 1897. The publication, now the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, represented a new effort on behalf of professional historians and Texas history enthusiasts alike: to come together with their knowledge of Lone Star past and make history.

Since then, the Southwestern Historical Quarterly has illuminated the region’s history, and the journal’s groundbreaking historical research is the scholarly bedrock for TSHA. Over its 120 year legacy, the Quarterly has been a major agent in pushing Texas history scholarship forward. From first-hand accounts of the early days of Texas to new areas of research that have influenced how Texas history is taught in schools, the Quarterly has been a true champion of historical discovery.

Subsequently, TSHA Press was born in 1917, and another avenue for the chronicles of Texas was established. Through TSHA Press books, all can experience Texas history. From beautifully illustrated books on West Texas to accounts of Civil War heroes that can be used to engage students in the classroom, any Texas history lover will find a way to share their passion through TSHA Press books.

“To the genuine Texan, however, or the man that feels thoroughly identified with the State, one of the strongest motives to the cultivation of the subject will be found in his patriotism.”

120 years ago, the state of Texas was only half a century old. In Garrison’s vision, however, he had already realized the importance of encouraging all who love Texas to participate in creating a history of the state.

You, too, can participate. By supporting TSHA, you can ensure that thousands can access scholarly publications to better understand the storied history of Texas. Through your support, you have the power to help spread the history of Texas and contribute to the unique and proud heritage that makes this state great.